Get Involved

It is our goal that this program will successfully provide life skills training for young ladies ages 13-18. Virtuous Gems selected to participate will have the opportunity to attend workshops which will begin in June. The time of preparation will be filled with activities, such as character development and social etiquette workshops, college preparation activities and community service. The experience offers opportunities that will allow you to broaden your perspectives spiritually, educationally, socially and physically.

2011 Cut-n-Polish Session

Show and Share

Show and Share will be the first activity during Regular Session and it is basically a show and tell time.
Each session one Gem and one Gem Sis or VG Volunteer will bring an item that is special to them, tell
the group what it is and its significance to them.

Stone Cut

The Stone Cut will be a brief lesson on the description and background information of a particular stone of the 12 precious stones in the Bible. During this time the significance of each stone as it relates to the Bible and the Gem Process will be discussed. Additionally, the Gems will learn the adopted core
values of Virtuous Gems, Inc.

Godly Girl Gab

Godly-Girl Gab will be an open-floor discussion about the issues that Gems may be facing in their everyday life. Topics may include, but are not limited to drugs, peer pressure, relationships with family/friends and sex. Each discussion will be Bible-lead, referencing God's word for answers and insight.

Etiquette Series

The Etiquette Series will be comprised of lessons to instruct Gems on how to carry themselves as young ladies in social and scholastic arenas. Lessons will include the following topics: Table Etiquette, Church Etiquette and Personal Health & Beauty. Each lesson will provide Gems with a guide on how to
properly conduct themselves in various settings.

One-on-One Session

The One-on-One Sessions will be designated times for Gems and Gem Sis to individually meet for
discussion and fellowship during Regular Sessions. It is a great opportunity for Gems and Gem Sis to get
to know each other better and form a bond.