Virtuous Gems, Inc. is a spiritually-based sisterhood organization, modeled after the structure of modern sororities. This organization matches young ladies ages 13-18 with young adult ladies in a mentorship atmosphere. With the help of a host of volunteers and the Virtuous Gems staff, the young ladies (also known as "Gems") will experience a seven-week "cut-and-polish process," in which is filled with activities such as character development and social etiquette workshops, college preparation activities, community service and bible study.

Meet the Staff

Courtney Coleman, GemSIS

Education: University of Florida
Current Profession:
Passions and accomplishments:
Contact information: ccoleman@virtuousgems.org



Brittany Gordon, Volunteer

Current Profession:
Passions and accomplishments:
Contact information: bgordon@virtuousgems.org



Edwyna T. Hill, GemSIS and Vice-President

Education: University of Florida: Bachelor of Science in Public Relations
Current Profession: Healthcare Administrator
Passions and accomplishments: Passionate about doing better and being better everyday. Desire to own a consulting firm.
Contact information: ehill@virtuousgems.org


Sherrita Johnson, GemSIS and Communications Dir.

Name: Sherrita Cherrlle Johnson
Education: Florida A&M University: Bachelor of Science in Political Science Masters: in Social Science
Current Profession: Adjuster at Nationwide Insurance
Passions and accomplishments: I have two arenas that I am most passionate about Music and Athletics. My ultimate career goal and life-long dream is to start a Non-profit organization for young ladies focusing on two areas Academics and Athletics. I am grateful for continuous spiritual growth.
Contact information: sjohnson@virtuousgems.org

Sade West, Volunteer

Education: Santa Fe College: Degree in Sociology
Current Profession: Office representative for the Ophthalmology Department at the University of Florida
Passions and accomplishments: I am most passionate about the art of dancing, I have been a modern/liturgical dancer for almost 23 years. I desire to accomplish the drive to teach other young ladies about the art of dance in all forms.  I have developed a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior. Personally, I have matured and blossomed into a strong willed and confident young adult. I have learned that it is okay to still reach for the stars and pursue your dreams no matter how old you are.
Contact information: swest@virtuousgems.org

Dawn Wise, Administration Director

Education: Bethune-Cookman University: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Current Profession:
Passions and accomplishments:
Contact information: dwise@virtuousgems.org


Erika Wise, Founder and President

Education: University of Florida: Bachelor of Science in Advertising; Master of Fine Arts
Current Profession: Business Owner, WyzeConcepts Advertising, Inc.
Passions and accomplishments: My passion is utilize all the talents God has placed in me to help develop people; Better people make a Better World.  I have been blessed to start and run a nonprofit organzation, tending to one of my biggest passions: enriching the lives of teen girls. God has blessed me to accomplish starting and running my own business and I expect much, much more in the near future!
Contact information: ewise@virtuousgems.org


Brittaney Young, GemSIS

Education: University of Florida: Currently pursuing a Master's in Mental Health & School Counseling
Current Profession: Student
Passions and accomplishments:  I'm passionate about God, children, and helping those in need. I hope to one day open an after school program where children and teens can receive tutoring, counseling, and partake in recreational activities all at no cost. I eventually want to organize and conduct spiritual conferences internationally where families can come and be inspired and uplifted by the gospel.
I've grown academically and spiritually, built more meaningful relationships, and gained wisdom while forming a greater connection with my Heavenly Father. In being obedient to His word, I'm confident that His vision and plan for every aspect of my life will come to pass.
Contact information: byoung@virtuousgems.org