Virtuous Gems, Inc. is a spiritually-based sisterhood organization, modeled after the structure of modern sororities. This organization matches young ladies ages 13-18 with young adult ladies in a mentorship atmosphere. With the help of a host of volunteers and the Virtuous Gems staff, the young ladies (also known as "Gems") will experience a seven-week "cut-and-polish process," in which is filled with activities such as character development and social etiquette workshops, college preparation activities, community service and bible study.

History photos

Our Founder

In the Summer of 2007, God gave our founder, Erika Wise, a vision to begin what she referred to as a "Vision Group." This vision came from own experience in a Christian sisterhood organization while she was a student at the University of Florida. She saw a need for positive Christian mentorship for young ladies in the Gainesville area.

After receiving confirmation from God, Wise got a few of her friends together to join in on the quest to enrich the lives of young girls. With 12 young women and a few supporters, the organization took off and begin its first 7-week process with about 10 to 12 teen girls in the Summer of 2009.

After a spirit-filled and life-changing experience with the first initiation, the group decided to continue on its journey to helping enrich the lives of young girls everywhere.



Spiritual Foundation

Virtuous Gems is a spiritual and social representation of the 12 precious stones God placed in Aaron's Breastplate (Exodus 28). This organization innovatively uses historical elements from Aaron's Breastplate and the 12 tribes of Israel as a means to build a compelling and significant spiritual infrastructure. Only initiating 12 girls per admission period, each girl represents a precious stone (aka virtuous gem) and tribe, placed in order by their birthdates.


We aim to build strong Christian character by indoctrinating Christian beliefs, values and fellowship
among girls ages 13-18 through Bible Study, Community Service, Sisterhood, Mentorship and
Innovative Life-skills training.